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18 August 2009 @ 02:42 pm
Ramadhan is almost here, only  2days away..
with the special month coming, it makes me think, "what did i achieve from the beginning of the hols till today?"
i feel that i havent done anything much,
    i didnt go out with friends,
    i didnt get together with them,
    i didnt go to any of my friend's wedding,
    i didnt have chance to meat asma yet,
    i didnt go on a vacation with my family,
    i didnt even meet fana whom i terribly miss,
    i didnt go shopping sakan,
    i didnt go to my sister's house,
sooo many thing i didnt do yet,
and its been i months and 2 weeks since i came back 2 malaysia.
but i did a lot of things too.
    i play with my brothers and sisters,
    i went shopping with my mum( not the 1 that i can highlight cause mostly we end up buying stuff for the kids)
    i went on a vacation with my sister and her husband together with the kids,
    i work very hardworkingly,
    i went back to my villages (1 in kedah and  1in melaka),
    i had fun with my aunt and uncle,
    i help my grandma alot,
    i watched interesting kdrama n jdrama.

i think i have to ask some time off from work so i can play more,
but with h1n1 pandemic rite now i dont think that is even possible,
just looking forward to iftar with friends for this coming month.


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11 August 2009 @ 04:19 pm
im still working today ( still? haha, i thought of skipping work today but my dad will never hear of it so i just kept quite in the morning and went 2 work with him )
well, i started work here in University of Malaya 2 weeks ago as a research assistant ( it sounds grand, doesnt it? well to an undergrad student it does!). i am basically helping my dad with his research because I AM his RA.
frankly speaking the job is uneventful but im working because of the money so i have to endure it for another 6 weeks.
today i was given a stack of paper almost as tall as my 2 years old brother and asked to go through ALL of them and sort them out. this job is for my dad's thesis so is not that i understand enuf of his work to explain it to u guys.

im soo bored half way thru that i secretly slept facing the computer after made sure nobody will notice this action of mine cause it will be embarrassing for my dad ( i dont care weather the whole office saw me cause im too damn sleepy but i love my dad so...)

so after writing all these im going to be a good person and continue my work. the fact that im at the office doesnt allow me to watch youtube so the only entertainment and freedom during working hours are LJ and allkpop.

well, im here to work. am i not? :P

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